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Mespper Software

Everything you need to create virtual reality environments.

Virtual reality is a great way to communicate with people. Mespper software is a powerful tool for creating immersive environments. Very used in training, education, communication, simulation, dissemination or promotion of a wide range of activities and/or actions. Easy, fun, agile, practical and innovative. A relevant and memorable experience.

It allows the creation of desirable situations and environments, allowing the reproduction of realities that are intended to be altered or improved, allowing the user to make decisions, follow norms or better understand the presented content. The immersion allowed by VR makes the message more absorbed by the user, making the proposed objective more responsive and assimilated.


Who we are?

Mespper is a startup that develops software for creating immersive environments. Our history began in 2017 with the generation of immersive content and, during this period until now, we have gone through the several stages of technological evolution in augmented reality, virtual and mixed. Our insertion, within the technology park of Feevale University call Techpark, allows us to be connected to all innovations and technological advances of the market. We actively participate in various academic and private groups in the segment. In Brazil, we have already been recognized as a pioneer company in the development of augmented reality software.


Want to know more?

Our research and development is carried out in partnership with our customers and suppliers.


A unique experience

After entering, you can move around, talk to other users in the room,
create and manipulate objects, take files, share your screen,
use text chat and draw with a pen.

Multi-device Support

Looks amazing across desktop, mobile, but better from standlone like Pico G2 4k, Go, Focus, Quest...

Images, Gifs, Video and Object options

Use either 360/180 degree images, videos and others in each scene.

No Coding Skills Required

Build a VR Scene with no coding skills and let your imagination run wild.

Scene Builder

Customize your VR scene in real time and see the results instantly.


Fully portable application running on different platforms from Firefox Reality .

The future is Now!

Take a step into the future, be innovative, provoke the senses.

For more information contact us

Address: Avenue Edgar Hoffmeister, 600 room 207
Zona Industrial Norte District
Campo Bom City - Rio Grande do Sul State – Brazil
Zip Code 93700-000
Phone: +55 (51) 3597-5835
Email: mespper@mespper.com